Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The key to success

What a great world it would be if we all could be successful. Wait a minute we can all be successful! What? How is that possible?
Let me explain.....
Success in anything is in my opinion determined by only one thing - being determined! How does this work you ask? It's very simple - MOTIVATION .
There that stands out, that's all you need to know, the rest will fall into place. The fact that you are reading this information now indicates that you are somewhat motivated - right? So kick it up a notch - or several notches!
You may have noticed this blog is more about being motivated that anything else. Let me put it in very simple terms. Lets assume you are faced with some catastrophe - I don't want to seem gruesome, but I do want to make a point, so here we go. Someone is holding your family hostage! You have no idea where they are, you can't contact the authorities. You are told you must put 50 ladies in your downline before the kidnapper will release your family - unharmed.
Now you're motivated!!! Now you are empowered!!!! I bet you'll have those 50 ladies in a matter of hours!

It's all about the trigger, your family being kidnapped is naturally an extreme, but it was the trigger (reason). Find your trigger, every moment without your family motivated you - you got the job done - you got your family back safe and sound. That was your reward.
So there it is, find your trigger (your reason). It could be anything - dream and dream big! This is not about Avon, this is about life! Avon is just a product line, sell it, sell lots and teach others to do the same.
What rewards are you seeking - realize you can achieve your dreams and put them in front of you - stick them on the fridge if you must.
Simple - if your motivated!

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